The spring market is in full swing, and I’ve heard from people and agents that many are just on the verge of listing their homes on the market, possibly this summer. If you’re thinking about selling your home, I have some reasons that you should sell now rather than waiting.

1. Inventory. We are very, very short on inventory in almost all areas of our local Savannah market, including Chatham, Brian, and Effingham Counties. We have buyers who are qualified and ready to go who simply can’t find the home that they’re looking for.

2. Less competition. People oftentimes make the transition during the summer months, so the advantage of listing now would be the fact that there’s less competition.

3. Interest rates are still very good. Yes, they have gone up over the past several months, but they’re still historically low, and there are still opportunities to seize. Suppose that a buyer is looking for a home like yours: if you wait three months to list your home, a buyer’s purchasing power will be dramatically lower and it could affect the size of your pool of potential buyers. Interest rates play a significant role in the number of people who may be able to qualify to purchase your home.

The market is very stable right now due to the amount of demand, so take advantage by listing your home now instead of waiting until you have more competition and fewer qualified buyers. The sheer number of multiple offer situations we’re seeing means that it’s a great time for a seller to enter the market.

“Interest rates play a significant in the number of people who may be able to qualify to purchase your home.”

If you have any questions or would like help in selling your home, please reach out to us. We’d love to speak and share more details about what’s happening in our market.