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How to Prepare Your Home for the Market

Welcome back to our video blog! A lot of sellers ask us what they can do to get their home ready for the market.

The most important step in getting your home ready is to make it appealing to the buyers. How do you do that? Imagine your home is a model home. Go ahead and start packing; take down the personal items and remove any clutter. Your buyer should be able to picture their life in the home.

You also want your home to be in good condition. That doesn’t mean just aesthetically, but structurally and mechanically, as well. It’s important to address any repairs before the buyer looks at the home. If you leave it up to the buyer, one of two things could happen: 1) the buyer could disregard your home all together because they don’t think you have the means to fix it or 2) they will automatically reduce their offer because they think the home is worth less than the listed price.

Addressing the problems before can prevent you from losing a bid and losing money.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions or are thinking about buying, selling, or investing, please give me a call at 912.272.3463

Thanks for watching!

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