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Selling Your Home in a Changing Market

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Hi everyone! Today I wanted to speak with you about a topic that’s come up a lot during listing appointments. Clients want to know how to sell their home in a changing market.

What I am finding is often sellers want to price their home at top value and see what happens. If the activity isn’t there, then they will just drop down the price. It’s important for sellers to know that buyers are very informed these days. They have access to countless resources especially on the Internet. Statistics show the 9 out 10 buyers actually start their search on the Internet.

Even though we are in a shifting market, buyers still want to get a good price. One thing to remember is each neighborhood will have an average price per square foot and if a home comes on that is listed higher than that, that new listed home is less desirable.

We find that the greatest chance of activity happens within 3-7 weeks. After a few months on the market, often buyers will think sellers are more motivated to sell, so they offer less. Statistics show when you price a home properly in the first place you will sell quicker and closer to your asking price. Remember, the largest determining factor on whether a home will is its price.

I hope I’ve given you some things to think about when you are getting ready to sell your home. If you want a free market analysis, get a hold of us! We would love to help you make your next real estate move!

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