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Why Hasn’t My Home Sold Yet?

Welcome back to our video blog. We at the McIntosh Team really appreciate all the questions you are sending to make this blog successful. Today’s question is from a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) and they wanted to know why their home isn’t selling. While I don’t know the exact details of the home, there are five elements to selling a home.

  1. Price – Price is the most important factor. Make sure your home is priced competitively with others comparable.
  2. Condition – Make sure your home shows well, not only in person but also through marketing.
  3. Marketing – Make sure everyone who is looking for a home, knows yours is for sale. Get on as many websites as possibles.Most buyers today start their search online.
  4. Location – Obviously we can’t change location, but we can make up for location through price and condition.
  5. Accessibility – A lot of times it’s hard to be as accessible as needed when selling a home. Sometimes buyers don’t give much notice, but it’s important to let them come.

These are five elements important to selling your home. If you have any questions about your home specifically, please give me a call. Let’s figure out what’s going on with your property.

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